Strengthen Skin, Resist Damage

Ultimune is a product that embodies Shiseido skincare. It strengthens the skin’s natural powers of defense, enabling it to build its own beauty. It enhances the benefits of skincare routines that follow. Smooth, supple, and with less fine lines - skin radiates with a healthy look.

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Exclusively developed ingredients to defend beauty.
Ultimune ComplexTM - Comprising of superior, originally-developed and naturally occurring ingredients, Ultimune ComplexTM nourishes and shields your skin, and defends against the harmful effects and external hazards.

Defends your skin against oxidation and harmful substances with the immunity of plants.
Ginko Biloba, Perilla (Eastern herb), Wild Thyme (Western herb) – known as an anti-oxidant, as well as other various effects.

Fragrance Effect
Rose, Lotus – for a feeling of relaxation.

3 Shown