The Shiseido Gallery, which opened its doors in 1919, is said to be the oldest art gallery still operating in Japan. Since then, the gallery has pursued its non-profit activities, closing only occasionally due to earthquakes, war, reconstruction, and other challenges. Dedicated to the ideal of “discovering and creating new ideas” to date, the Shiseido Gallery has hosted over 3,100 exhibitions, many of which served as the public debut for ascending talents who would later make major contributions to the course of Japanese art.


“shiseido art egg 9”  Exhibition Announcement

“shiseido art egg 9” Exhibition Announcement

Rikako Kawauchi, Momoyo Iijima, Tetsuro Kano

January 9 (Fri) - March 29 (Sun), 2015 *1

Rikako Kawauchi: (painting)
January 9 (Fri) — February 1 (Sun), 2015
Momoyo Iijima: (sculpture)
February 6 (Fri) — March 1 (Sun), 2015
Tetsuro Kano: (installation)
March 6 (Fri) — March 29 (Sun), 2015

For over ninety years since its 1919 opening, the Shiseido Gallery has been promoting its activities under the notion of “discovering and creating new aesthetics.” Among the Gallery’s activities is the “shiseido art egg,” a program that opens its doors to promising new artists and offers them a place to present their creativity in public exhibitions.
For this year’s 9th shiseido art egg, Shiseido collected applications from 340 potential participants from all around Japan. About 80% of these were from artists in their twenties or thirties, with well over half in their thirties.
Many of the proposals submitted included plans to take advantage of the Shiseido Gallery’s unique exhibition space, and three artists were finally selected: Rikako Kawauchi, Momoyo Iijima, and Tetsuro Kano. These artists all proposed works that consider important themes affecting society today—namely, “food,” “home,” and “nature”—from fresh, new viewpoints.

Aomi Okabe (art critic and Shiseido Gallery advisor)
Tsutomu Mizusawa (Director of the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama and Shiseido Gallery advisor)
Members of the Shiseido Corporate Culture Department

Shiseido Gallery will present solo exhibitions by each of these up-and-coming artists according to the schedule below.
Following these solo exhibitions, a three-member review panel will select one of these three artists to receive the “shiseido art egg award.” This year’s panel will include photographer Inri, columnist Nameko Shinsan, and artist Masanori Sukenari. The winner will be announced on the Shiseido Gallery website at the end of April 2015.

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