Privacy Policy

Shiseido (Canada) Inc. (“Shiseido Canada”) respects your right to privacy and will carefully handle all personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) that it collects or obtains from individuals in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Shiseido Canada may amend this policy from time to time. For the most up to date version please visit [].

1. Collection and Use

Before Shiseido Canada collects Personal Information from an individual, we first obtain that individual’s consent. Subject to Section 7 of this Privacy Policy, consent may be express or implied: we may obtain your express consent in writing, through electronic means, or verbally; alternatively, your consent may be implied through an action you’ve taken or when you continue to use a product or service after being notified of our policy.

Once consent is obtained, Shiseido Canada may collect the following types of Personal Information where required for a use identified below or otherwise communicated to you: contact information, date of birth, gender, preferred language of correspondence, comments, feedback, interests, cosmetic preferences, purchasing history and intentions, financial and credit card information, and information about skin type or skin conditions.

We may use Personal Information to:

  1. (i)personalize and deliver Shiseido cosmetic products and services,
  2. (ii)inform individuals about products and services that relate to their preferences,
  3. (iii)process purchase transactions if such option is available through the Shiseido Canada Website (“Website”),
  4. (iv)address questions or inquiries,
  5. (v)provide online training and learning materials, and
  6. (vi)provide the Member Benefits to registered Members of the Website as set forth in our Online Membership Policy, as applicable.

Shiseido Canada carefully handles any Personal Information that it collects on the Website and handles all Personal Information collected through the Website in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Shiseido Canada generally does not require users to provide any Personal Information in order to access or view the Website.

Cookies are used to keep a record on an individual’s computer indicating that the individual has visited the Website. Information collected in this manner does not include e-mail addresses, names or information which enables identification of an individual.

Shiseido Canada may use cookies in the Website for the following purposes:

  1. (i)when there is an application crossing over several pages of the Website and such necessary information is temporarily recorded in order for individuals to use the Website conveniently, and
  2. (ii)when Shiseido Canada or a third party conducts survey analysis of the access trends of users on the Website in order to provide better service through the Website.

Individuals may choose to disable cookies in their internet browser. However, please note that there may be some contents of the Website which may not function properly or which cannot be used when cookies are disabled.

Although Shiseido Canada does its best to protect the Personal Information provided through the Website, Shiseido Canada has no control over the collection or use of individuals’ Personal Information through other websites linked to the Website which are not managed by Shiseido Canada, and Shiseido Canada is not responsible for information that is provided to these other websites, as further provided in Section 6 of the Terms of Use.

2. Transfer and Disclosure

Shiseido Canada may transfer or disclose Personal Information to third parties:

  1. (i)where it has obtained consent to do so;
  2. (ii)in circumstances where it determines that the third party has obtained independent consent that allows the third party to receive the Personal Information;
  3. (iii)where the third parties are affiliates of Shiseido Canada;
  4. (iv)to non-affiliated third parties to perform services on behalf of Shiseido Canada (but only the Personal Information needed to perform the relevant services); or
  5. (v)receive and use web coupons;* and
  6. (vi)where required or permitted to do so by law.

Individuals who do not want Shiseido Canada to share their Personal Information with third parties may opt-out by notifying the Shiseido Canada Privacy Officer using the information provided below. Please note that if an individual’s consent is withdrawn, Shiseido Canada may not be able to provide that individual with certain services.

When dealing with any transfer or disclosure of Personal Information, Shiseido Canada takes reasonable measures to safeguard the security and confidentiality of all Personal Information. In particular, Shiseido Canada requires third party recipients to use and handle Personal Information responsibly, lawfully, and in accordance with Shiseido Canada’s instructions and this Privacy Policy, and Shiseido Canada prohibits third party recipients from using the Personal Information for any purpose other than those for which consent has been obtained. As part of this information sharing, Personal Information may be securely used, stored and processed in a foreign country where it may be accessible to law enforcement and national security authorities.

3. Storage, Retention and Destruction

We securely store Personal Information in hard copy and/or electronic form either at the location where it was collected, at Shiseido Canada corporate offices in Ontario, Canada, or at Shiseido Canada offices in New York, United States of America, or at Shiseido Canada offices in Tokyo, Japan. Shiseido Canada retains Personal Information only as long as required by law or as necessary to fulfill the purposes identified above, after which time it will be destroyed, deleted, or made anonymous.

4. Access and Security

Shiseido Canada employs reasonable security measures to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of Personal Information in its custody.

In particular, Shiseido Canada:

(i) ensures that Shiseido Canada personnel and representatives are aware of, understand, and comply with Shiseido Canada’s privacy practices and policies;
(ii) only allows authorized Shiseido Canada personnel and representatives to access Personal Information,
(iii) restricts access to storage locations (e.g., locked filing cabinets or binders) and secure office and retail facilities (e.g., locked offices and adequate premises security); and
(iv) employs technology (e.g., firewalls, passwords, encryption, etc.) to protect the security of Personal Information held in electronic form.
These measures will be reviewed periodically and revised to address relevant legal and technical developments. When dealing with affiliated or non-affiliated third parties Shiseido Canada will ensure that Personal Information that is transferred to or stored with third parties receives a comparable level of protection.

An individual may, upon request, access or review any Personal Information that Shiseido Canada has collected and retained about him or her and be informed of any use, retention or disclosure of his or her Personal Information.

5. Accuracy and Rectification

Shiseido Canada keeps the Personal Information in its custody as accurate as necessary in light of the purposes for which it is to be used. Shiseido Canada also encourages individuals to assist it by indicating appropriate changes or deletions that should be made to rectify any inaccuracies that may be discovered.

6. Consent

At any time, individuals are free to provide, deny or withdraw consent to the collection, use or disclosure of their Personal Information by Shiseido Canada. However, denying or withdrawing consent may interfere with Shiseido Canada’s ability to provide certain products, services, treatments, benefits and training.

Subject to section 7 of this Privacy Policy, before Shiseido Canada uses Personal Information for purposes that are new or different from those indicated when the information was originally collected, Shiseido Canada will notify the individual of these new purposes by amending this Privacy Policy. For the most up to date version please visit [].

7. Commercial Electronic Messages

Canadian law may require us to obtain your express consent to send you certain types of messages (including marketing/promotional messages) electronically. Where those requirements apply, Shiseido Canada will not send you electronic messages unless you have provided such consent.

8. Contact Information

You may contact the Privacy Officer for further information about Shiseido Canada’s privacy policies and practices; to provide, deny or withdraw consent to the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Information by Shiseido Canada; or to correct inaccuracies in Personal Information that Shiseido Canada retains relating to you:

Shiseido (Canada) Privacy Officer
Shiseido (Canada) Inc.
303 Allstate Parkway,
Markham, ON L3R 5P9
Toll-Free: 1 (800) 263-9355
Phone: (905) 763-1250
Fax: (905) 763-8636