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The Symphony of Lights Collection
A special collaboration with 
Japanese calligraphy artist SISYU

Light brings the spark of magic to the holidays.
It gives form to beauty. It brings out emotions, inspires connection, and reveals what truly matters.

HIKARI (光) is the Japanese word for LIGHT

This holiday season, SHISEIDO and SISYU have created the Symphony of Lights collection to celebrate the magic of light in a uniquely Japanese way.

SISYU created 21 versions of the Japanese character for light, 光, to express the way light brings out each person’s inner beauty differently.

She then layered these varied letterforms and brushstrokes into a visual Symphony of Lights, which graces the Ultimune package like a luminous holiday garland.


With a body of work that endlessly explores the possibilities of Japanese calligraphy,
SISYU is an artist who intuits the essence of characters and words, and frees them from a traditional life on paper-allowing them to float, fly, reflect and be reborn as imagery in every conceivable art form and medium.


Photo by masaaki miyazawa

Limited Edition

This limited edition of Ultimune
evokes the light
that shines from
within each and every one of us.
Its packaging is embellished with a
luminous golden
created by SISYU,
one of Japan's most
cherished artists.

Ultimune brings skin to life,
with light

After 20 years of research and development, Shiseido's secret to cherished, beautiful skin – revealed.
With a visionary approach to skin science, Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate reawakens the skin's natural ability to defend itself, for a refined, more youthful complexion.

ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate SISYU LIMITED EDITION (75mL)
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SISYU is a Japanese calligraphy artist officially recognized by the Japanese government. Known for incorporating Japanese calligraphy into other art forms such as sculptures, media arts, and paintings, her latest artwork adds calligraphy etched in iron and glasses to the collection. This has evolved into a grander scale that combines sculptures, lights, and shadows. Through this work, SISYU symbolizes the Japanese soul of "Zen" and sends the traditional work of calligraphy "Sho" into the new age with new perspectives.

Recent International Performances and Exhibitions

・ Carrousel du Louvre, Louvre Museum (France, 2014 /2015)
・ Guimet Museum (2014)
・ New York Grand Central Terminal (2014)
・ EXPO Milano Japan Pavilion (2015)
・ Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (2015)
・ The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo (2014)
・ The National Art Center Tokyo (2013/2014/2015)